The "Greenest and Cleanest" Solution
for Hydrocarbon and Protein Contaminants

What does it mean to be "Green?"

There is a push today to "go green", but few know exactly what it means to be truly environmentally responsible. Many companies and organizations believe in green initiatives, but most fall short. Without meaningful implementation and pervasive programs, true "green" programs will simply not work. Special attention needs to be paid to the use of alternative fuels, reducing your carbon footprint, and protecting the environment. The nation watched in horror as oil spills destroyed our waters and disrupted the delicate balance of nature, affecting not only the ecosystem, but the surrounding industries that rely on these precious natural resources. What's worse is that the products used to clean these disasters is often more harmful than the original contaminants, and their effects can have a lasting impact on the environment. As a matter of fact, governments now require the use of “GREEN” cleaning products in the United States and Europe and beyond.

How can Advanced Green Solutions
help my organization to "go green"?

Advanced Green Solutions provides environmentally responsible cleaning agents for industrial cleaning and oil spill remediation. Historically, industrial-grade degreasers have relied upon two approaches to attempt to clean oil and grease covered surfaces:

One approach is emulsification of the soiled surface. This solution attempts to “lift” the contaminants from the affected surfaces where they can be contained in an absorptive material. In essence, this approach simply moves the contaminant from Object A to Object B. This approach is NOT cost effective and creates further environmental and safety issues. This method rarely removes all of the contaminant from Object A, so additional solvents are often needed to remove the residue.

Another solution is the direct use of solvents to “break down” the contaminant. These solvents are generally very dangerous to both the user and the environment. They typically are flammable, present inhalation risks, and have strict handling requirements to avoid environmental impacts and safety accidents.

Advanced Green Solutions offers two products that are truly "green" solutions:
ETHOS CLEAN is a breakthrough solution for environmentally responsible industrial cleaning and hydrocarbon remediation. [ more ]
OSR-10 (Oil Spill Remediation - 10) is an industrial-strength “green” cleaner that is specially formulated for the petro-chemical industry. It is highly effective on hydrocarbon contaminants such as crude oil, refined oils, fuels and greases. [ more ]